The Sideline Review is a personal blog that obsesses over the details and design of sports logos, stadiums, and uniforms.  My inspiration comes from the amazing Uni Watch blog, which I read daily, and the websites Arena Digest, Ballpark Digest, Football Stadium Digest, and Soccer Stadium Digest.  While those sites are updated on a daily/regular basis, I cannot promise the same here.  Posts will most likely come after a team unveils a new logo or uniform or an announcement of a new stadium to be built or a personal visit to a stadium or arena.

About Me

I am an intern architect living in West Tennessee.   When I was growing up, my family would take vacations across the country every summer, and my father always made sure to stop at every state capital and every major university along the way.  I remember walking through capitol buildings and stadiums and being in awe of the monumental structures.  Those trips started my long journey towards an architectural career.

Also, as a child, I loved playing and watching sports.  My parents would take my brother and me to our local high school and community college basketball games.  It was during this time that I first became interested in logos and uniforms.  I remember our family computer having this wonderful program called Print Shop.  It came preloaded with lots of logos and graphics which I used to create imaginary baseball, basketball, and football teams.  From that point forward, I was designing logos and uniforms for my high school and redesigning uniforms of my favorite teams in my spare time.